What is a Preventive Care Plan?

Our Preventive Care Plans are not insurance. Instead, they are affordable packages of recommended preventive care that can save you money and deliver the quality care you were already planning for your furry family members.

Each Preventive Care Plan provides all essential healthcare services for one year, plus discounts on any additional care your pet may need. Each plan is affordably priced and the cost is conveniently divided over a 12-month period. Plans may be changed to a different plan when the need arises.

Some benefits universal to all our Preventive Care Plans are:

  • Complimentary wellness exams with your pet’s doctor
  • All recommended vaccinations and routine diagnostic screening tests
  • Low exam co-pay for all other scheduled health exams
  • 12 affordable monthly payments
  • Discounts on all services not covered under the plan
  • Complimentary toenail trims
  • 24/7 online access to your pet’s health records