2018/02/05 - WestPalmAnimalClinic​​​​​​​

Dr. Michelle Durkee and staff attending the North American Veterinary Conference polishing up their skills with the very latest in medical advancement education.

2018/02/01 - WestPalmAnimalClinic​​​​​​​

In honor of National Dental Awareness Month, Virbac is having a contest!

2018/02/01 - WestPalmAnimalClinic​​​​​​​

February is Dental Month. That means we need to make sure your pets teeth are sparkling and their breath smells fresh.

2018/01/27 - WestPalmAnimalClinic​​​​​​​

West Palm Animal Clinic staff participate in the 2018 Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

2018/01/18 - WestPalmAnimalClinic​​​​​​​

Scenthounds' 2018 World Record attempt for most people brushing dogs' teeth at one time!

2017/12/27 - WestPalmAnimalClinic​​​​​​​

It has been a wonderful year at West Palm Animal Clinic